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Smart Snack Approved

Snowie Bus is an amazing fundraising tool for schools. We are committed to partnering with our schools in our community doing all kinds of events during or after school hours or days. We can help you fundraise for your school but not only that, Snowie Bus shaved ice is a great reward for students and staff, serving delicious shaved ice to hundreds of people per hour. 


We’re an Amazing Tool for Fundraisers 

We love giving back because we love being a part of our community. We do all kinds of Events, Schools, Sport Teams, Rodeos, Charities, Churches and More…
Shaved ice is what we do and we can help you reach your financial goals


 Beat the Heat with a Snowie Treat! 

Everyone loves the Snowie shaved ice, players, coaches, parents, it’s a perfect way to keep the crowd refreshed during and after the game.Smart Snack Compliant according to the USAD’s. Need to raise money for your team? Let us know, we can help! 


We like to bring SMILES and FUN 

For a great Party idea Invite the BUS, invite the FUN! with SNOWIE shaved ice. Flavor your own and choose as many flavors you want. Custom Party Packages Available for groups of any size.


    Everyone loves Snowie Shaved Ice!

We do every kind of corporate event, Appreciation days, Random afternoon breaks, Company picnics. We will bring the party to you! and Snowie Bus shaved ice is a great option to show employees how much you appreciate them.


 Everyone has fun when the Snowie Bus is around! 

Kids love Snowie shaved ice and your staff will too! Easy and fun Snowie shaved ice will bring a melt in your mouth experience, not only delicious, it’s nutritious too, with many flavors to choose from!


We’re Mobile, We’ll Come to You!

Fairs, festivals, movie nights, block parties. EVERYTHING from Small to Large events. We can serve hundreds of people per hour. Remember, we are self contained, no electric or water hookup to get the job done. ANYWHERE ANYTIME

our latest event videos

Snowie Florida brings joy and happiness to every event we participate. see it for your self.